Turnavore shaft site



Polberro Consulting has a wide range of experience in the provision of geotechnical services including but not limited to: -

    Shaft and raise stability evaluation from core studies.

    Design of mine development and stoping methods incorporating a holistic approach (economic, geometric and geotechnical attributes using datamine and cad software).

    Support design with cable support, rock bolts, mesh shotcrete (including the use of Phase 2 and Unwedge software).

    Stope stability evaluation.

    Rock Mass Rating evaluation and provision of digital models of RQD and Q-prime from dill core and/or core database.

    Numerical modelling of stress and displacements (incorporating use of Phase 2).

    Open pit stable slope determinations.

    Waste stockpile stability management.


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Riggs Rd, Kinder - Lava tube void in basalt quarry