Turnavore shaft site


Polberro Consulting have worked with mining companies on many projects including: -

  • Henty Gold Mine (Mine design, mining method selection, ore reserves, production and development scheduling, mining and geotechnical engineering support)
  • Hellyer Mine (Mining method evaluation, stope design, geotechnical engineering support).
  • ERA (Jabiluka feasibility study, due diligence, mining method selection, shaft study)
  • RGC Renison (Shaft study, cost modelling, mining engineering support.)
  • Ballarat East (Dewatering study, mine planning)
  • Mt Lyell (Caving method evaluation, geotechnical support)
  • Stellar (Heemskirk/St Dizier review pre-feasibility study, mining method review, conduct scoping study)
  • Tasmania Mines (Open cut planning, reserve estimation, pit evaluation, scheduling, pit optimisation studies, geotechnical investigations, environmental planning)
  • King Island Scheelite (Develop underground mine plan, reserves and schedule)
  • Allegiance (Ore reserves Avebury, mine planning and geotechnical engineering support)
  • China Yunnan Copper (Kanmantoo SA due diligence exercise.)
  • Adelaide Mine (crocoite) - Review stope stability
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Pit wall - failure of saturated clay zone prior to rehabilitation